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Premiere casting publication

The most trusted destination for actors to find career advice and casting information needed a complete overhaul. The site’s current architecture was built on an outmoded CMS that the company had long since outgrown. The revenue driver for the site – the casting listings sought after by its customers – was outsourced to a 3rd party firm and was flat and featureless and resembled the internet circa 1999.
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Childhood education organization

Our client, a leading nationwide franchiser of early childhood development centers, faced significant challenges with the suite of off-the-shelf solutions used to manage their schools. The requirement: a single, standard solution that fit their specific needs and could scale to meet the demands of expected growth.
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Engagement ring store online

A high-end Engagement Ring store chain with a rich history of strong customer relationships was looking for a partner to help implement a new online presence, while also venturing into the world of selling engagement rings online. The client had near-term and long-term visions for its business and its site and was looking for a strong technology company to partner with to achieve the near-term goals while developing the systems in a way that easily allowed for future growth.
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Established SaaS company

A large SaaS (Software As A Service) based company was drowning under the custom integration requests from its growing client base. The company’s development team was focused on roadmap development for the company’s base SaaS offering, and diverting scarce development resources for never ending customization and support requests was thwarting the company’s ability to advance its roadmap.
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Fashion startup

A fashion startup needed to go from conceptual model to tangible storefront in a compressed timeframe. As is the case with many startups, the various business rules and processes were actively evolving throughout the project.
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Music retail chain

A leading U.S. retailer of all things musical had made its name in the brick-and-mortar world of soft lights, soft carpet, and polished wood. The transition into the ecommerce sphere had been successful, but to drive growth our client needed to serve multiple channels from a single, integrated system.
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Social data startup

A social data startup had the concept of harnessing social network activity to determine its impact on their sponsorships. The startup needed a partner to help them take this concept, with all of its mathematical complexities, and deliver a functioning, production ready application.
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