JBS builds unique solutions, centered on custom application development, using a variety of expertise.

Technology Strategy

CIO’s are faced with a dynamic, evolving technology landscape that creates constant change in the way products are sold and delivered. New and innovative architectures such as cloud computing have created opportunities to reduce costs and deliver ROI not previously possible. Forward thinking businesses realize that technology, now more than ever, is a critical component to retaining and winning customers as well as keeping a leg up on the competition. JBS works with a varied list of partners and technology stacks that give us a unique experience and perspective. The fact that we don’t work with a single technological stack allows us to take an unbiased view independent of a technogical prerequisite. Further, we are able to draw upon relevant experience regardless of your company’s size due to the large size variance of our own customer base – our partners range in size from small start-up to multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 companies.

Application Development

Most of the custom development that we’ve delivered over the years is to support proprietary business models and innovative technological solutions. This is the core of our business, and our experience ranges from conception (design, R&D) to delivery (code complete, deployment) for these solutions. Our rich history is filled with successful proprietary applications and systems developed specifically for our partners, and range in size from very small back office utilities to large, big data, 1000+ user systems.

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications now represent the fastest growing segment of application development. The mobile space is become increasingly fragmented as the channel matures – multiple operating systems, versions, device capabilities, etc… are creating a convoluted, confusing market for companies looking to capitalize on the promise of mobile. JBS has been building mobile applications for several years and has the knowledge and experience of a segment that you can only get by participating in its growth. JBS provides mobile application development across the three major platforms: iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

E-Commerce Systems

Much of JBS’s custom development history has been focused on e-commerce systems. In any given year, roughly 45% of JBS’s development team is working on e-commerce related systems. Our experience with e-commerce spans nearly 15 years as we have participated in the growth and evolution of the digital commerce space. We have built fully custom e-commerce systems, integrated with best of breed packages and SaaS models in the e-commerce ecosystem, and have stayed ahead of the never ending SEO algorithms. With nearly a billion dollars in transactions to date, JBS knows e-commerce.

Billing/Payment Systems

To date, JBS developed systems have processed over a billion dollars in payment transactions. Our rich history with billing and payment systems traces back to our very first client engagement in 1999, where we were an early enabler of online payment technology systems. Our experience has grown each year since that first application, as we have developed systems managing subscription based payments, micro-payments, and traditional e-commerce authorization and capture systems. To date, JBS developed systems have managed over 500 million dollars in payment based transactions.

Content Management

Content management is not just for content publishing sites. As web applications have grown in popularity, the necessity for most web-based applications to have administrable content management functionality has exploded. Today, some form of content management functionality is included in most e-commerce sites, brochure-ware sites, custom line of business applications, etc…, as a means for returning day to day content control back to the business. JBS has extensive experience developing custom content management solutions, as well as working with several open source packages including Django CMS, Wordpress, and Joomla.

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