A leading U.S. retailer of all things musical had made its name in the brick-and-mortar world of soft lights, soft carpet, and polished wood. The transition into the ecommerce sphere had been successful, but to drive growth our client needed to serve multiple channels from a single, integrated system. The proven experience of JBS in ecommerce, content management, SEO, promotions, and mobile applications made us right for the job.

The solution

Working in concert with a client that understands its business and challenges intimately, JBS brought our proven experience in high-volume multi-channel ecommerce to the stage. Working from the existing foundation a team of JBS specialists utilized the Microsoft platform, including SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2008, ASP.NET MVC, and Windows Communication Foundation, as well as open source technologies like MongoDB and jQuery, to deliver a series of critical system extensions, integrated seamlessly across core corporate functions and more than 200 retail locations. Major deliverables included in-store workflow for special order and returned merchandise transactions, integrating in-store inventory into the flagship ecommerce application, adding buy-from-store and flexible fulfillment to the multi-channel ecommerce platform, adding flexible customer notifications and associate workflow to the ship-to-store and return-to-store workflows, and creating store-specific "microsites" that promote the inventory and associate expertise of individual retail locations.

Expertise provided

The results

In the retailing world efficiency means profits. Leveraging the capabilities that JBS engineered into the new systems our client was able to reduce inventory costs by keeping less centralized inventory to support ecommerce channels, dramatically increase the sales and reduce the costs of used and refurbished items at retail locations using the buy-from-store system, greatly increase the number of leads and inquiries to retail locations through the "microsites" initiative, drive in-store special orders growth to a significant component of the retails sales numbers, and increase same store sales year over year. With state of the art faceted search, accessible and useful workflows, integrated billing and payment, search engine optimization, as well as integrated content management and loyalty management, our client's new systems have generated results, and powered them into the ranks of the top-50 global ecommerce retailers.

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