Our client, a leading nationwide franchiser of early childhood development centers, faced significant challenges with the suite of off-the-shelf solutions used to manage their schools. The requirement: a single, standard solution that fit their specific needs and could scale to meet the demands of expected growth. The partner: JBS Custom Software Solutions.

The solution

A JBS team of solution architects, developers, and designers worked hand-in-hand with our client from project inception. The team identified the limitations of the existing solutions, defined the current and future parameters for the new system, and developed a project plan that leveraged agile methodologies and rapid development cycles to incorporate evolving user feedback and business requirements. The new system was developed on Microsoft's ASP.NET platform, with SQL Server 2008 for data storage. JBS' designers and front-end developers produced an elegant, usable interface that relied heavily on jQuery and asynchronous web service requests to provide the highest level of responsiveness and user convenience. As with any replacement system, the old system played a significant role. JBS developers analysed the existing databases and developed migration solutions so that the new system could provide seamless access to historical information.

Expertise provided

The results

A single, standard system, accessible online from every location, incorporating all of the key management tasks that used to be supplied by an inconsistent collection of off-the-shelf applications. Realtime access to current information, reporting for business intelligence, and the flexibility to change and grow with the needs of the business by adding modular components, such as a recent time clock extension. Integration with a portal that allows the parents of our client's real customers, the children, to access important information and monitor their child's progress over the web, anywhere, anytime. Best of all, a field-tested project-oriented approach that ensures effective collaboration, responsiveness to business requirements, and a successful system implementation on-time, and on-budget.

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